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My name is Doug, and I am a freelancer web designer and programmer. I have been making websites for over 10 years and I have always loved it. From the day I made my first webpage in text pad, I have never stopped learning.


I started my work experience for a large company, helping (where I could) with their in house web design team. I knew that this was the type of job I wanted when I finished school, so I worked towards it. Over the next few years I worked for a number of different business'. I helped create, manage and maintain their websites. I found that while I enjoyed each role, there just wasn’t enough diversity.


I decided to join a web design firm. Here I could work with different clients and a range of projects that could keep me challenged every day. I think I was part of a small percentage of people who actually enjoyed going to work every day! Inevitably there came a time where I outgrew the position. I knew I still had alot more potential and after working in the industry long enough I realised I didn’t like the way some people did business. I had seen alot of clients get ripped off, confused and fed up with the internet. People now are very apprehensive to go online and there are many different stories of people getting burnt.


So here I am now. Freelancing. I know the internet works, and I want to make sure people get the proper advice and I genuinely want to see them succeed.

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Each project I work on requires me to do different things. Having this flexibility helps me maintain a good relationship with clients and allows me to deliver what they really want.

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