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During my time being a web designer I have found that the most commonly requested services are either a single page website or a website consisting of up to 10 pages. This is why I have specifically created these packages below. In most cases, one of these products should be suitable for your needs, but if you would like something more specific please don’t hesitate to contact me. Being freelance means I can be as flexible as you need me to be and its not going to cost you extra.

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starter packStarter pack
The starter pack consists of a single page website. Single page websites are really great for getting your business online quickly and at little expense. It can outline your products/services and give people who are looking for your business something to read. It also has the added bonus of giving you a business email addres like which is a great asset over a hotmail or personal account. A single webpage is extremely cheap and quick to setup, these days there is no excuse not to be online. Don’t lose a customer just because they found your competitor and not you!

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Business pack Business Pack
Having more than 1 page allows you to increase the amount of information you can show and allows you to lay this information out in a logical and attractive manner. With up to 10 pages you could have gallery’s, contact pages, news articles and more.

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Business Pack
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CMS system

Content management systems allow you to control the information on your website. They are very easy to use and similar to using software like Microsoft word. If you want to update your website, by yourself, with things like news articles or pictures then a CMS is for you. My CMS system can be applied to any of my website packages. I can also integrate it into your existing website. Contact me for more information.


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Ever wanted something more out of your website? Perhaps a special members area or message board? Through differant programinig techinques I am able to offer great applications whilst mainiting a very low cost. Get a quote from me for your next job and then look around, I can offer you the best service at the lowest cost.

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